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Ein Eintrag aus meinem privaten Weblog:

A personal note: Disney rebranded Tower of Terror, my most favorite attraction they’ve ever build, into Guardians of the Galaxy.

And I’m rather shocked. This doesn’t work even close to the storyline of ToT!

The scenes are placed very uninspired and they can’t hide that it’s pretty much just still an hotel elevator you’re sitting in. There’s no suspense built up in the scenes, too, due to the rather relaxed nature of the storyline chosen and the disco music. It’s a very weird mixture of a former Thrill Ride in the shoes of an 80ies kid who’s watching a sequence from a Marvel movie.

Sorry, to me, that REALLY was destruction of a beloved ride and no upgrade (even with those rather cheap, little additional projection effects). And I LOVE Guardians!

This is in California. Pray that Paris does not get the money to do this, too!

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